Meme McDonald

Meme McDonald

In 2007, Meme was engaged as Artistic Director of Connecting Identities to envisage the concept for a three year arts project that could address the issue of identity in a rapidly changing post-industrial Geelong. In consultation with traditional owners and Arts & Culture Department, Meme proposed Mountain to Mouth as an extreme arts walk creating a contemporary songline across Geelong. Meme directed the pilot, Mouth to Mountain, in 2009, and subsequently the multi-award winning M~M2014 and M~M2016.

Howard Hughes

Raft & Jetty Rig by Howard Hughes
Photo by Anne Buckley

Boating & Floating

Howard started his career in Queenscliff as a boat builder where he specialised in building timber boats. He then moved onto construction work in the commercial industry working on large scale developments and projects. Howard then made the transition to the domestic industry over 20 years ago where he now specialises in architectural homes around the coast.

Howard’s meticulous attention to detail and craftmanship which he developed whilst a boat builder is reflected in the homes that he builds and quality that he delivers in every project. Being a member of the Alternative Technology Association, Howard is up to date with the latest technology and environmental practices that support a sustainable future. 


Lizz Lethlean

M~M2009 Bird image by Liz Talbot
Photo by Bindi Cole

Lizz Lethlean has a 20+ year background in the performing arts, specialising in theatre and puppetry. As a member of Handspan Theatre, international touring formed the backbone of her performance work. Her freelance career includes working as a performer, singer, puppeteer and image maker. Lizz continues to fuse her performance and teaching skills to create theatrical experiences for and with people of all ages. For Connecting Identities, Lizz has contributed the bird puppet imagery for Mouth to Mountain.

Benjamin Gilbert

Benjamin Gilbert

Benjamin has combined a passion for sculptural form with a pragmatic rural sensibility throughout his 16-year international career producing civic sculptures in stainless steel, wood, stone and ice. As director of Agency of Sculpture, he consolidates a network of sculptors and craftspeople to harness natural forms into works of astounding beauty meeting the requirements of civic works of lasting significance. 

Kathryn Williams

Flags by Kathryn Williams
Photograph by Gloria van der Meer

Artist - Ward Flags

Colour, textile and natural fibre, natural dyes are Kathryn’s inspiration. Spending 25 years specialising in silk, breeding silkworms and researching Sericulture. The bulk of her work is based on a close working relationship with clients requesting individual commissions, realising their visions.

Margie MacKay

Margie MacKay

Margie is an artist and researcher known for creating large-scale ceremonies alongside diverse communities both nationally and internationally. Utilising fire, ritual-art forms, design thinking, trans-disciplinary performance modes and collaborative processes. Her work over the past 25+ years has ranged from intimate indoor events, to exuberant street theatre productions, street art installations and epic-scale community ceremonies in many Arts Festivals and Community Gatherings.

Margie recently completed a PhD on Composing Contemporary Ceremony, whilst continuing with her freelance artistic practice. She performs a mentorship role for young and emerging artists, and has an ongoing commitment to reconciliation, the recognition and respect of Indigenous cultures, and championing the rites of humans, other entities and the environment in her works.

Mark Cuthbertson

2014 Station 2 image by Mark Cuthbertson and Rita Halabarec
Photo by Sue Hartigan

Visual Artists

Mark Cuthbertson is a visual artist and theatre designer exploring metaphors of colonisation and domestication. He experiments with a variety of constructed forms and large scale controlled inflated environments, using domestic and industrial materials, creating a sense of encounter and dialogue within the work.

Rita Halabarec

2014 Station 2 image by Mark Cuthbertson and Rita Halabarec
Photo by Sue Hartigan

Visual Artist

Rita Halabarec is a Lara based artist connected to Karingallery. Rita was a founding member of Big Bag Band and the Back to Back Theatre ensemble. She has toured internationally with Back to Back. Rita creates artworks that explore contemporary popular culture icons, ranging from Michael Jackson to Tamworth's big guitar.