Kerrie Bedson

Kerrie Bedson 2018

Canoe Artist

Kerrie Bedson worked has worked in a variety of jobs. The skills and values that she brings to each is that of creativity and wellbeing. As an artist she has explored photography, sculpture, ceramics, bookmaking, weaving, printmaking and mixed media.

Trained as a teacher with a major in Visual Art, (BA in Ed., Deakin University) she has worked as an educator for many years within Victorian schools. Further studies with a Masters in Creative Arts Therapy (RMIT) incorporated her two passions, Arts and Wellbeing.

Kerrie has exhibited at various exhibitions, galleries and venues in Victoria including; Redrock gallery, ArtIs gallery and The Studio@54 Gallery. Recently her mixed media work was part of a central Australian group exhibition at Melbourne University Arts and Law faculty. Kerrie has created commissioned artwork for use in display homes and for private individuals (ceramics, painting & mixed media).

Her personal interests and passions are connected to increasing her learning and knowledge about Indigenous cultures of the world, particularly the Indigenous culture of the Australian Aboriginal people. She regularly visits Central Australia and has worked on several Arts and Culture projects.

Community and volunteer work has enabled Kerrie to share her skills and interests, and learn from others. Some of these jobs have included; volunteering as the Visual Arts coordinator for local festival ‘Festivus’, participating as a guest artist in the Barwon Heads Festival of the Sea sculpture exhibitions, volunteering as an Arts Therapist with Hope Bereavement in Geelong, working for ‘ThroughArts’ on a rewrite of the Keringke Arts Centre book in Central Australia and volunteering as part of the Australian Regional Arts Conference in Alice Springs. Kerrie also worked as a volunteer with International artist Patrick Dougherty on his Stickwork installation in Federation Square in Melbourne.

Kerrie and her husband manage The Studio@54 in Ocean Grove, where they focus on bringing Arts and Education to the community and celebrating and sharing local and international artists and musicians. Kerrie manages the Gallery and organizes music and art workshops at The Studio. Through this experience she has continued to gain skills in project management and learn and develop her own arts skills. This is also how she was introduced to Leslie Pearson. Together they have shared interest, support and knowledge and are very keen and excited at the prospect of working together on creating the Canoe for the Mountain to Mouth event.

Artist Statement

My work is often inspired by nature. The direction of my artwork is often guided by the material that I use. Contrast, pattern and texture are elements that intrigue me and I am often drawn to them in the work of others and enjoy exploring them in my own artwork. I enjoy learning new skills and then experimenting with them and incorporating them into my three dimensional work. Sculpture and mixed media, incorporating natural and organic materials, are the two modalities that I generally work with.