Meme McDonald

Meme McDonald

In 2007, Meme was engaged as Artistic Director of Connecting Identities to envisage the concept for a three year arts project that could address the issue of identity in a rapidly changing post-industrial Geelong. In consultation with traditional owners and Arts & Culture Department, Meme proposed Mountain to Mouth as an extreme arts walk creating a contemporary songline across Geelong. Meme directed the pilot, Mouth to Mountain, in 2009, and subsequently the multi-award winning M~M2014 and M~M2016.

Malcolm McKinnon

Postcard image by Andrew Barkley
Artwork by Glenn Romanis


Malcolm McKinnon is an artist and filmmaker working mainly in rural communities. Over the past 15 years, his work has encompassed oral history, urban planning, public and community art projects and exhibitions. His current practice is mainly focused around documentary filmmaking and social history.


Donna Jackson

Frozen Gumleaves for Connecting Identities launch by Donna Jackson

Conceptual Artist

Donna is a conceptual artist. She works in the mediums of landscape art, site specific performance and events. She has recently moved into working with the medium of ice. Donna’s process of working involves collaboration with community members to develop partnerships where interesting art can be fostered.