Liz McGrath

School of Fish by Liz McGrath
Photo by Nikole Ramsay

Visual Artist

Liz McGrath is an artist and teacher focused on positive community engagement, and committed to enabling others to access art experiences.

For M~M 2014, Liz was the walking circle artist at the Rowing Precinct using fabric hand-printed by local children. Liz worked with puppeteers and children in 2015 to construct giant marine puppets that were later illuminated for Geelong After Dark. For M~M 2016 Liz created the School of Fish, working with Barwon Heads communities to create lanterns that ‘swam’ the river-mouth during the closing ceremony. In the same year she was chosen for mentorship with artists Leonard Tebegetu and Mahony Kiely, supporting their work on Canoe. In 2017 Liz was commissioned to create Spirit of Canoe and Constellation, which were part of the M~M Remnant Canoe ceremony at the You Yangs, and later incorporated into the Esther Konings-Oakes’ River of Words at GAD.

Liz teaches art in special education and community settings, and works on art programs for the Bluebird Foundation. She delivers workshops for GPAC and teenagers at The fOrT. As a freelance illustrator Liz specialises in projects with health, environmental and community messages, and is involved with many local groups and projects in her home town of Barwon Heads.