Margie MacKay

Artist: Margie MacKay

Artistic Director 2018

Margie is a Gippsland-based artist and researcher known for creating large-scale ceremonies alongside diverse communities both nationally and internationally. 
Utilising fire, ritual-art forms, design thinking, trans-disciplinary performance modes and collaborative processes, Margie's work over the past 25+ years has ranged from intimate indoor events, to exuberant street theatre productions, street art installations and epic-scale community ceremonies in many Arts Festivals and Community Gatherings. Her work has taken her around the globe, with residencies and performance works in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Scotland, the USA and Colombia. 

Margie has considerable experience in designing, directing and delivering innovative and memorable community projects, and in coordinating production and technical logistics for many regional and remote festivals across Australia. Highlights include: site set-up, production and operations elements for Garma Festival NT 2010; AD for large-scale annual ‘fire events’ at Woodford Folk Festival QLD 1992 – 2003 (incl); several Opening Ceremonies for Melbourne International Arts Festival (including Longing, Belonging, Land in 2008), and as artistic director of the Contemporary Ceremonies for the televised AFL Indigenous round: ‘Dreamtime at the G’  2010 – 2013 (incl). Margie was also the Ceremony Director for M~M 2016 Geelong Connected Communities Gathering of the City Ceremony.

Margie has recently completed a PhD on Composing Contemporary Ceremony, whilst continuing with her freelance artistic practice. She performs a mentorship role for young and emerging artists, and has an ongoing commitment to reconciliation, the recognition and respect of Indigenous cultures, and championing human and other entities' rights in her works.