Sam Spry

Sam Spry is an artist and art teacher. She enjoys and appreciates the creative community of Barwon Heads, where she lives with her son and daughter.

Sam’s role in the Mouth to Mountain journey was to design, facilitate and produce the 'River of Dreams'. The 'River' is an 18 metre silk banner that shows the dreams and memories of grade six students from six different schools between Barwon Heads and Lara.

M~M2009 Silk Banner by Sam Spry
Photo by Bindi Cole

Sam decided to use batik to create this artwork and enlisted the help of fellow artist and art teacher, Maggie Hall, who became an invaluable asset to the project.

"I have loved hearing all the stories that are now immersed in the ‘River of Dreams'. The children’s stories and the personal meaning attached to their images, as well as the stories from the team of dedicated and enthusiastic artisans who brought this artwork to life. It has been an amazing and inspiring experience and I am looking forward to seeing it flow forth on the 9th May.”