Nicole Thompson and Helen Brotherton

2009 Story Vessel for Windermere Ward

Story Vessel Artists - Windermere Ward

Born in Geelong artist Nicole Thompson has embraced the Connecting Identities Story Vessel project with enthusiasm for the themes of ‘story telling’ and the exploration of ‘a sense of place’. These are two themes central to her growing body of sculptural work, influenced by many years of living away from Geelong in diverse locations from remote Indigenous communities to the vibrancy and pace of Sydney.

“Returning to my hometown is like a rediscovery and it is exciting to see with fresh eyes that which would have previously been overlooked had I not left and returned after some time. I have thoroughly enjoyed engaging with the community within Windermere ward and hearing their personal stories of connection to their place”.

The Connecting Identities project has also created an opportunity for Nicole to continue to collaborate artistically with the large talent pool of local Indigenous artists. Helen Brotherton has eagerly applied both her local knowledge and contemporary painting techniques to contribute an uplifting, colourful and contemporary Indigenous design for the Windermere Story Vessel.