Jacqui Dreessens

Jacqui is an Ethnochoreologist and community arts practitioner in choreography and percussion. She is the recipient of a Stepping Stones Scholarship for the Masters of Arts in Ethnochoreology (First Class Honours) at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick. For 26 years Jacqui has been lecturing and developing courses in early childhood, primary and secondary Dance Education at Deakin University, Australia. 

Jacqui co-founded Wild Moves International in 1994 which helped to nurture the Dreaming for the annual Return of the Sacred Kingfisher festival at CERES community environmental arts park since 1994. Jacqui is inspired by indigenous cultures and their connection to ancestral spirit and the fostering of identity in the youth generation. She has extensively studied dance styles and drumming techniques of the African Diaspora which has led to many exciting artist in residency programs in schools, festivals and communities in Australia, Africa and the Netherlands such as,  "Where journeys Meet" Gasworks Community Arts Park to celebrate Australian Federation 2001; the "Opening Ceremony" for the Deaf Olympic Games in 2005; "Children of the Blue Light" 2007 filmed in the Slave Dungeons of the Cape Coast Castle, Ghana with Asanti Dance Theatre.