Kerrie Black

Artist: Kerrie Black

Kerrie Black is an indigenous artist who has a BA and Honours in Visual arts. She was born in Geelong but has Wemba Wemba and Wathaurong heritage which is why Kerrie has a special connection to both the local area and land in which she lives.

Kerrie works at Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative as a Community Engagement officer and justice worker, is both a mother and grandmother and believes art is a very important part of everyday life.

Artist Kerrie Black

Her work has featured on posters, postcards, in books and is collected privately. Her dream is to develop a gallery and art studio where Koori culture can be viewed and taught. As an Aboriginal woman, Kerrie believes it is one of her duties to keep stories alive for future generations and to educate the public about her culture and history. Kerrie believes in promoting understanding through the arts as a way to unify community.