Photo Narrative

Photo Narrative

MOUTH TO MOUNTAIN - Connecting... to land

For one day only water flowed uphill in Geelong Saturday May 9th 2009... dawn to dusk.

From first light at the mouth of the Barwon River to setting sun at the You Yangs, 144 ambassadors representing the 12 wards of Council carried water in a 54 kilometre relay – kayaking, on horses, strolling, in processions, by train, in utes, on bike and foot. People of Geelong joined the relay at locations along the way…taking a moment to reflect on the gift of water, the memory it holds, the connection it makes between people and places, and the future it creates. Artworks and songlines marked the journey through iconic locations arriving at dusk for a celebration at Big Rock.

Mouth to Mountain was built on more than a year of engagement between artists and communities throughout Geelong. Those who took part in the relay formed a contemporary songline for others to follow.