M~M2016 Videos

Highlights Video

Astounding highlights from Mountain to Mouth 2016 - Geelong's biennial extreme arts walk - that took place over two days, 6 and 7 May, this year. M~M2016 engaged over 90 artists, attracting more than 11,000 participants.

Promotional Video

Geelong's 80km Extreme Walk - 6-7 May 2016. Be part of an 80km extreme arts journey of discovery over two days and 11 stages. M~M begins at the You Yangs mountain range, crosses Geelong's industrial heartland at nightfall and arrives in the city centre to collide with Geelong After Dark, a night of extreme and unexpected arts.

Short videos

These videos focus on selected artists from M~M2016 bringing us the thinking behind their artworks.