Station 3: Limeburners Lagoon


Station Open: 3:50 - 6:00pm (2hr 10min)

LIMEBURNERS LAGOON - a Ramsar Wetland site of international significance.


‘Earthship base camp’ is holding space, energy and hope for Earth and Humanity. Half of the human survivors have left Earth, in search of other worlds, with the hope of terraforming
barren planets to generate liveable habitats.

A guild has been formed, by those who chose to stay behind and rehabilitate the collapsed
Eco-systems of Earth. The circle represents these themes of survival, and regeneration and
contemplates what sustains, nourishes and heals us...what keeps us alive physically and

What is to be remembered, What is sacred?

As each walker travels through the Earthship base camp they will experience a merging of
the natural and human-made, offering up an invitation to consider how the two intersect and
what that personally means to each individual. The walkers will transition through the four
cardinal directions and their associated elements with a focus on Earth. As they make their
way around the circle and through the Earthship base camp, participants have the opportunity
to help keep 'Earthship base camp' activated and in contact with our astral travellers.

Greening the Songline Events coinciding with M~M2018