M~M2014 Timetable and Map

“M~M introduces a sense of neighbourhood across the vast regions of Greater Geelong…”

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Friday 9th May 2014

Station 1

Big Rock
You Yangs Regional Park
5 Branch Road
Lara 3212

Station opens: 1:00pm
Canoe departs: 3:30pm

2:30pm-3:30pm Gathering of the Elders Ceremony
Walking Circle: Ochre, Wood and Sand

En route

From: You Yangs
To: Lara RSL Hall


2hr 30min

Downhill into dusk. Follow the edge of the park to Flinders Avenue. Walk along the road past farmland into the sunset, through Serendip Wildlife Sanctuary, along grass reserves and Kevin Hoffman Walk. An informal grass path leads into suburban streets, and on to the Lara RSL.
Path: Steep descent. Gravel, sealed and grass paths. One of the longer sections.

Station 2

Lara RSL Hall
2 Rennie Street
Lara 3212

Station opens: 5:00pm
Canoe arrives: 5:55pm
Canoe departs: 6:10pm

Evening BBQ fundraiser at the historic RSL Hall.
Walking Circle: Floating Candles and Weather Balloon
En route

From: Lara RSL Hall
To: Limeburners Lagoon


1hr 15min

Bring your lantern or torch along for the night walk along Hovells Creek through native plantings. Pass near the Hume and Hovell monument, through grasslands, then along the bike trail.
Path: Flat sealed footpaths and some narrow, uneven dirt paths.

Station 3

Limeburners Lagoon
End of Foreshore Road
Corio 3214

Station opens: 6:25pm
Canoe arrives: 7:20pm
Canoe departs: 7:35pm

Rotunda by the moonlit lagoon. Refreshments, Geelong Grammar, wetlands, bird life, saltbush revegetation.
Walking Circle: Night-lit Vegetation

En route

From: Limeburners Lagoon
To: Moorpanyal Park



Walk along the Western Bay Walk with the big ships, and see the dramatic lights of the industrial heartland against the backdrop of the City.
Path: Mostly sealed, flat footpaths, with some narrow grassy dirt paths

Station 4

Moorpanyal Park
Corner The Esplanade and Seabeach Parade
North Shore 3214

Station opens: 7:30pm
Canoe arrives: 8:25pm
Canoe departs: 8:40pm

Peaceful bay view, refreshments.
Walking Circle: Night Reef – Crocheted Coral and Ceramic Shells

En route

From: Moorpanyal Park
To: Steampacket Gardens


1hr 25min

Continue the Western Bay Walk, and Bob McGovan Path all the way to the City Waterfront, twinkling lights, boats and piers.
Path: Mostly sealed, narrow and flat. Some steep slopes.

Station 5

Steampacket Gardens
Eastern Beach Road between Moorabool and Yarra Streets
Geelong 3220

Station opens: 7:00pm
Canoe arrives: 10:00pm
Canoe stays overnight.

Night lights across the bay, bars, restaurants and cafés, historic Carousel, public art, skate park, Poppykettle Playground, Cunningham Pier. Be sure to book accommodation.
Walking Circle: Illuminated Shopping Bags – the largest Circle

Saturday 10th May 2014

Station 5

Steampacket Gardens
Eastern Beach Road between Moorabool and Yarra Streets
Geelong 3220

Station opens: 5:30am
Canoe departs: 6:00am

Take in the Bay view and Cunningham Pier at dawn, and see the city wake up as the sun rises.
En route

From: Steampacket Gardens
To: Barwon River Rowing Precinct



Walk from the Bay to the Barwon River in just half an hour past Kardinia Park, home of the Geelong Cats, to breakfast on the river.
Path: Good sealed footpath and traffic lights, steep slopes.

Station 6

Barwon River Rowing Precinct
Bob Morrell Reserve
North bank of the river between Moorabool Street and La Trobe Boulevard
South Geelong 3220

Station opens: 6:00am
Canoe arrives: 6:30am
Canoe departs: 6:45am

Delicious breakfast on sale, edible stage, kids activities, Barwon River views.
Walking Circle: Food Can Donations

En route

From: Barwon River Rowing Precinct
To: Christies Road Leopold


2hr 30min

Walk along the river, then by footpath through older residential areas of South and East Geelong, then onto the Bellarine Rail Trail. Remnant and indigenous vegetation, wildlife, safe and tranquil environment. One of the longest sections.
Path: Mostly sealed, easy and flat, steady climb in places. Some sections not sealed.

Station 7

Christies Road Leopold
107 Christies Road
Leopold 3224

Station opens: 8:30am
Canoe arrives: 9:30am
Canoe departs: 9:45am

BBQ fundraiser by the Bellarine Rail Trail, music and song.
Walking Circle: Grassland Planting

En route

From: Christies Road Leopold
To: Drysdale Station


1hr 33min

Continue along the Bellarine Rail Trail. Rare grasses, rolling hills, vineyards and You Yangs views.
Path: Mostly sealed, some sections unsealed.

Station 8

Drysdale Station
Portarlington Road off Station Street
Drysdale 3222

Station opens: 10:00am
Canoe arrives: 11:15am
Canoe departs:11:30am

Historic Drysdale Station will be open to the public. Abundant produce from Geelong’s farming community on sale – olive oil, wine, vegetables, berries etc. Lake Lorne, music and song.
Walking Circle: Artwork Woven From Bellarine Produce

En route

From: Drysdale Station
To: Swan Bay Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre


2hr 46min

Continue along the Rail Trail to Queenscliff through the farming heartland of the Bellarine. Claim kudos for conquering the longest section of the contemporary songline.
Path: Uneven gravel surface near Drysdale Station, then mostly unsealed with some sealed sections at the Swan Bay end. Walk on road for the final 1.2km and finish on gravel.

Station 9

Swan Bay Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre
2A Bellarine Highway
Queenscliff 3225

Station opens: 1:00pm
Canoe arrives: 2:15pm
Canoe departs:2:30pm

Welcome to the Borough of Queenscliffe, after your walk along Swan Bay an international RAMSAR site. Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre open to explore.
Walking Circle: Statement Bottles

En route

From: Swan Bay Marine & Freshwater Discovery Centre
To: Point Lonsdale Village



Walk the promenade with stunning coastal views of The Heads, accompanied by sounds of wildlife.
Path: Cross a gravel car park, then up a steep, uneven climb to a mostly sealed, flat and sandy promenade.

Station 10

Point Lonsdale Village
Parkland opposite
15 Point Lonsdale Road
Point Lonsdale 3225

Station opens: 2:00pm
Canoe arrives: 3:00pm
Canoe departs: 3:15pm

Cafes and stunning bay vistas.
Walking Circle: Miniature Sandstone Circle and Sound Sculpture - the smallest Circle

En route

From: Point Lonsdale Village
To: Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Club


1hr 40min

Through Moonah groves and on past the lighthouse and Marine National Park. Be invigorated by the rolling surf of Bass Strait. The rare Hooded Plover breeds in this area.
Path: Be prepared for a challenging walk along the beach at mid-tide. Includes gravel road shoulder, uneven sandy path with steps, steep climbs on bitumen and sand dunes, and soft wet sand.

Station 11

Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Club Reserve
Surf Beach Road
Ocean Grove 3226

Station opens: 4:00pm
Canoe arrives: 5:05pm
Canoe departs: 5:20pm

Café, magnificent surf beach. Plastic bag artwork.
Walking Circle: Sandcastles

En route

From: Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Club
To: Barwon Heads Foreshore



The final stage is a gentle walk on sand and then a twisting pathway to the iconic walking bridge at the Barwon River mouth. Bring your lantern or torch to light the way.
Path: Soft sand, uneven gravel path and gravel car parks.

Station 12

Barwon Heads Foreshore
Rotunda opp Barwon Heads Hotel, Cnr Ewing Blyth Dr and Jetty Rd, Barwon Heads 3227

Station opens: 4:00pm
Canoe arrives: 5:40pm

Welcome to Barwon Heads – a delightful fishing village with cafes and restaurants. The end of the journey followed by the Fire on Water ceremony. Food and drink stalls at the Walking Circle. Light your lantern for the final ceremony. Good idea to book ahead for dinner afterwards. Why not stay the night?
Walking Circle: Sand, Ochre, People and Song

6:00pm-7:00pm Fire on Water Ceremony


The M~M2014 Basic Trail Map is intended as a general guide to the event journey. Although the content has been researched and prepared with due care, the City of Greater Geelong accepts no responsibility for errors or omissions that accidentally occur within this map, or injuries that may occur on the route. Times listed are approximate and may be subject to changes due to weather or other factors beyond our control on the day.