Station 5: Johnstone Park

Gathering of the City

Friday May 4, 9:30-10pm

Gathering of the City welcomes Canoe and the walkers to the city centre to collide with Geelong After Dark. Choirs and dancers from all parts of the municipality converge as Canoe and it’s entourage of walkers enter Johnstone Park at the end of day one. Walkers are invited to walk a ‘lap of honour’ around the ceremony circle as part of this gathering. Be ready to sing your heart out as the massed choir and dancers create an infectious celebratory atmosphere, a nourishing for tired feet.

Canoe rests in Johnstone Park overnight before resuming the journey at first light, Saturday 5 May.

Director: Margie Mackay

Jacqui Dreessens choreographer, Gilbert Douglas choreographer, Adam Di Biase Spirit Bird dancer, Phil Lethlean lighting design.


  • Ceremonies will be filmed and photographed - please advise camera operators on the day if you do not wish to participate.